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Increasing fuel economy

how to improve fuel economy A large automobile company needs to know how to improve fuel economy as well as save fuel and gas mileage. A reliable and proven method is with the fuel savings patch distributed by Efficiency Experts, LLC - an American company! The patch was developed with a 9-layer patented nanotechnology that limits AC drag and partly negates ions in the fuel molecules. Therefore, the fuel allows vehicles to run cleaner and more efficiently with less carbon monoxide (CO) emissions (up to 40% less CO).

Increasing fuel economy

improve gas mileage Save money on fuel expenses by using the KRAFTSTOFF Fuel Savings Patch. The Patch is a fuel savings device that is a unique 9-layer nanotechnology that will improve gas mileage by 8-15%. The patch attaches to the outside bottom of any car's fuel tank. It is effective because the fuel is partly ionized, and therefore, the vehicle uses less fuel. The Patch is cost effective with a quick return on investment (ROI). Visit and find out more about the wonderful patch and to contact them and order.








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